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Tom Pumford The truth is I keep going back and forth about whether or not you could truly ‘fix’ another person. I’m a firm believer that love fixes people and you could fix people too if they’re willing to give you a chance but then I realized that it seldom works because you end up…

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I hope everything works out today.



It doesn’t have to be like what I want or expect.

(ugh, that’s a challenge haha.)


But maybe it can still be good.


(If I’m not in control).



I just pray there’s space and an interest in connecting.

Because it’s what I need.

And otherwise — I don’t see us moving forward.

(and I want to move forward, I think.  If it all feels okay.  Because this has been aLOT of thinking and feelings this week.  And I don’t want to ‘force it’.)


‘Force it.’  What does that even mean?

I’ve heard of it/done it so many times in my life — I think I only know what it feels like.

It feels like when I don’t feel something (or the other person is uncomfortable/not feeling something), and one or both of us is so desperate to feel something — ANYTHING — with anyone (not one specific person), that we stay.  Against the advice from people close to us, against the advice of our parents, against our conscience — even against our gut feelings.

Please don’t let me do that, God.


I don’t want either of us to be another regret, another broken heart.


Thank you.  I know you’re stronger than this ‘addiction’ — though it often doesn’t feel like that/I can’t see a clear way out when I’m right in the middle of it.



Give me the strength to walk away respectfully if it’s not right for me (or vice versa).  Please speak today, I need to hear Your voice loud and clear.  (I’m listening.)





Found this photo online.  All credits go to the author.

I’m crying and chills,

Such an ethereal moment –

Sun and Moon kissing.

(so much perspective, very transcendent, the universe in perfect alignment) 🙂

This Is Why My Goal Moving Forward Is To Scar Faster Than Before — Thought Catalog

Scar faster: extract it, let it bleed, let it heal, let it be.  I like that!

Ihor Malytskyi“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” Kahlil Gibran said that, and yet for so long I played hide-and-go-seek with pain. By avoiding tough talks, keeping my heart closed off, and trying to please others, I thought I could avoid the raw ache that life could bring.…

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8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Unhappy — Thought Catalog

4-7 (maybe 8?).  This has been like my whole summer more or less. 😛


Toa Heftiba1. You look for other unhappy people to be around. You know what they say, misery loves company. So being around a human version of a golden retriever when you’re feeling like shit is the last thing you want. Tbh, positive people make you want to vom. But honestly? It’s because it seems like…

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